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Why we started Western Warranty

Western Warranty was founded by an executive after his family purchased a 10 year old home and ended up having to personally pay for multiple home repairs which cost them several several thousand dollars within the first few months after moving in. 
"It was one thing after another, first the air conditioning unit wouldn't cool, then the garage door opener wouldn't open, then the refrigerator acted up, and finally the oven wouldn't turn on. It was like we were being pranked by the previous owner and we were fed up and started looking for a solution"
Unfortunately they had never heard of a home warranty for an existing home. Looking back, a small $400 purchase in a home warranty would of saved them $2,500.
So after researching options on how he should have better protected his family for the home purchase, he came across the home warranty industry. Unfortunately, the industry is plagued by frustrated customers who have had very poor experiences with less reputable home warranty companies. After reading thousands of customer reviews it was clear that there's homeowners that should benefit from a home warranty service especially those who are buying a new home. However, there needs to be a better home warranty service available to those customers. One that provides an easy to use hassle free home repair and maintenance service. 
Our Vision
Western Warranty was created with one clear goal in mind. Protect new and existing homeowners so they never have to experience what our founder had to go through.  The last thing a home owner needs to worry about is items breaking down after they make such a significant purchase or the hassle of finding a reputable contractor to do the repair work. Western Warranty takes the hassle out of home ownership repairs and maintenance by serving and protecting the home owner.  
What Sets Us Apart
  • We use the highest ranked contractors
  • Fast repairs with no pre-approvals
  • 30 day reimbursement guarantee
  • Our word is our guarantee
Our service locations
​We are headquartered in Fort Collins, CO and proudly call Colorado our home. In addition to Colorado, we provide home warranty services in several states including:
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • Nebraska
  • Ohio
  • Virginia

Jason Hoff

CEO / Western Warranty



Jason has 20 years experience running successful businesses. Prior to starting Western Warranty, he served as a Merger & Acquisition advisor for 14 years helping business owners, corporations, and private equity groups buy and sell businesses throughout the south east.


Jason's has owned several businesses including a  consumer and business ISP technology company, an M&A marketing platform, several laundromats, and real estate rental properties.

Jason is  passionate about spending time outdoors through youth sporting events, hiking, and long distance bicycling.

How can we help you?

Here at Western Warranty, our aim is to provide the best home warranty service to homeowners and real estate professionals.  It's truly an honor every time a real estate agent refers a new homeowner to us because we know this agent is trusting Western Warranty to take care of the homeowner. 
We never take that responsibility lightly, so we stand by our guarantee that when a covered item breaks down, we'll be there.
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