A home warranty can help protect your homebuyer from unexpected expenses that can occur after the purchase. It also is an affordable solution for helping buyers and sellers mitigate repair inspection issues.

Western Warranty makes it easy

Unexpected expenses for new homeowners can be very stressful. The last thing a new homeowner needs to worry about is if the AC or refrigerator stops working or who to call when that happens.

We take care of the repair for them

When a covered item breaks down, the homeowner simply contacts us for a repair request. We match them with the best local contractor in their area and have the item repaired quick and easy.

Prevent disputes after the sale

A home warranty can help prevent disputes between the buyer and seller after the sale. If a major appliance or home system breaks down right after closing, that’s usually very upsetting to the buyer and with good reason. A home warranty can prevent those disputes by ensuring the buyer that if any of the covered items breakdown after the sale within the first year they will be covered by Western Home Warranty.

Benefits of Western Home Warranty

Affordable home warranty plans

Western Warranty offers more affordable plans with better home warranty coverage and customer service than other home warranty companies.

Over 20 + major items covered

Western Warranty protects more items in a home than other home warranty companies. All major appliances and home systems are protected under our standard plan.

Instant Repair Approvals

If a covered repair is under $300, the homeowner doesn’t need to call us to get our pre-approval to fix the item. They just file the claim and have the item repaired. We will reimburse the homeowner within 30 days guaranteed. We are the ONLY home warranty company in the country that offers this service.

Flexibility to use their own contractor

Homeowners can use their own licensed contractor if they prefer or we can send them one of the best local contractors in their area. Western Warranty is one of the only home warranty companies in the country that offer this service.

​No age limits for repairs

There are no age limits on the age of the home, it’s appliances, or home systems.